How to Use Sage One Billing Boss

Some small business has usual problems when it comes to getting the bills out, getting paid, and managing customer relationships. Now there is a solution to this problem which is called the sage one billing boss. Sage has introduced a fee-based online invoicing solution called Sage One. Besides invoicing, sage one offers project collaboration, expenses recording, and financial reporting. If you have a business, sage one billing boss is the easiest way to bill your clients. You can extract report that shows the financial positions of your business. You can also extract an aging of accounts of your clients if there are overdue accounts. When used in conjunction with Sage Billing Boss, Sage Payment Boss helps small businesses to get paid immediately, tracking and managing their incoming cash flow in real time, monitoring their sales activities and reconciling their credit card transactions with their merchant accounts. Used together, sage payment boss and sage billing boss remove all paperwork related to sales tracking from the sales process, and allow small businesses to focus on selling, not completing paperwork. I want to have a business in the future if I have a capital, I will use this sage one billing boss for my own business.

Here is my step by step tutorial on how to use the sage one billing boss. I hope this will help you for your business to be successful.

How to use sage one billing boss by anabelle_sagala on Scribd