My Second Facebook Ad Results

After 2 days of running my second ad, I reviewed the ad. And I found out the words I’ve choose is too long.

2nd ad pic

So, I created a similar ad.

Here is my step by step tutorial to edit an ad.

1. Go to 

2.Click on what you want to edit.


3. Click Create Similar Ad.


4.Edit all of the ads, ad sets, campaign fields at once.

  • Ads: you can edit the creative, audience and advanced options, pricing and status, and placement options.
  • Ad Sets: you can edit the budget, schedule and status.
  • Campaigns: you can edit the campaign name

This is my second final ad.

2nd edited ad

Here is my conversion tracking pixel.

2ad pixel

Here is now my facebook reports.

2nd ad final result

report ads2

I got 6 leads just for P199.75 equivalent to $4.54.

spend 2nd ad

2nd landing page

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